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Bradley Smith, FE2

posted 29 Jun 2017, 01:18 by Web Admin


My name is Bradley Smith, I am 17 years old and in FE2 at the College Campus. My friends are James, Lauren, Ethan and Ewan.

I work hard and like to do well in class. I like going to the gym, my favourite things are the bikes. My favourite lesson is Enterprise and Art where I really enjoy designing and painting a bowl. I like doing jobs around college and enjoy helping my tutors by changing the screens on PowerPoint slides.

At the weekends I like going to McDonalds. My favourite meal is a cheese burger, chips, coke and for desert a Mc Flurry. However, my all-time favourite meal is roast pork and Yorkshire pudding.

I also like feeding the ducks in my walks around Danbury Park and enjoy bowling with my mum (and I always win!). I enjoy watching films and my favourite film is Toy Story. At home I also like sleeping, and using the foot spa in college!

Sharon Wright and Leon Samuel helped me put this together

Name - Bradley Smith

Job Title - Member of the Student Council for FE2