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Primary Sports Grant

The Action Plan

As part of the Olympic 2012 legacy, the Government is spending over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over the 3 academic years (2013 to 2016).

£8330 has been allocated directly to Columbus for the School Campus and we have written an action plan that details how we will spend this money and how we will show the impact of this spending – particularly with respect to raising pupil achievement and participation in curriculum and extra-curricular learning opportunities.

You can read our action plan here.

Impact of this grant

The plan clearly shows how we hope to make a difference. We have high expectations of ourselves and want to improve levels of participation and achievement for all pupils in PE and sports activities.

Behind every plan we make is the desire to encourage and teach pupils to pursue healthy lifestyles throughout the school day and pursue new hobbies in their own time. We are actively promoting inclusion and social opportunities for all pupils and will measure the impact of our work at the end of the cycle.