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Happy Christmas from Class 12

posted 13 Dec 2017, 23:52 by Web Admin   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 23:54 ]

Christmas Time!


posted 22 Jun 2017, 04:24 by James Dorey

Many of the School Campus pupils had the opportunity to meet the ducklings last week and even watched them swim! The pupils worked on developing their personal and communication skills through learning to handle them gently and talk about what they could see. A great experience for all!


News from Class 2

posted 20 Jun 2017, 00:34 by James Dorey


Class 2 have had great fun exploring this Term's Topic, 'Out and About', and enjoyed creating beautiful nature collages. The children collected some natural materials, like grass, leaves and twigs, and then made their own collage pictures.

News from Reception

posted 16 Jun 2017, 06:03 by James Dorey


The topic this term is 'Out and About' and the Reception class went on the local bus. On the way they saw shops and a hospital. They enjoyed ringing the bell and looking out of the window.


News from Class 3

posted 16 Jun 2017, 05:58 by James Dorey


Class 3 have been enjoying and working very hard in their Music Therapy sessions this term; enhancing their listening, communication and fine motor skills!

News from Nursery …….

posted 12 Jun 2017, 03:31 by James Dorey


The Nursery children have been continuing to develop their matching and sorting skills during their Maths sessions.



posted 12 Jun 2017, 00:23 by James Dorey   [ updated 12 Jun 2017, 00:30 ]


The College Student Council recently ran a poster competition. The purpose was to create a 'Keeping Safe and Keeping Healthy' poster. Each class had a different focus:

• Healthy Eating – Bad Foods (Class 12)

• Friendships (Class 13)

• Healthy Eating – Good Foods (Class 14)

• Hygiene (Washing Hands, Brushing Teeth, Showering etc.) (Class 15)

• Exercise/Fitness (Class 16)

• Cyber Bullying (FE1)

• Stranger Danger (FE2)

• Sun Protection (FE3)

• Safety Around The College (Sharp Objects, Tripping/Falling, Fire etc.) (FE4)

• Road Safety (FE5)

The winners were: Class 16 - Exercise and Fitness

As well as their goodies, the winners have received a voucher to spend in-store at Hallam's Café.

Well done to the Runners Up




1st Broomfield Columbus Scouts

posted 21 May 2017, 23:55 by James Dorey


The '1st Broomfield Columbus Scouts' is now open and we held our first meeting on 12th May. Eight Columbus pupils have joined us as Scouts and are learning to follow the structure of Scout meetings. We have been taking part in 'Scout Circle Time', playing team games, creating our patrol signs and starting to learn about the Scout Promise and Law. Later this term we hope to have a campfire and sports competition, as well as be joined by some St John Payne pupils as part of our Scout troop!



posted 27 Mar 2017, 06:47 by James Dorey


Pupils in Key Stage 3 had a fantastic afternoon recently, when the local Fire Brigade brought a fire engine to visit School Campus! The pupils had the opportunity to try on the helmets and jackets, explore the specialist equipment, use the hoses and sit in the back of the cab. This experience really brought to life some of the learning from our 'Transport' topic and we would like to thank the Fire Brigade for their time and generosity in enabling this to happen.

KS2 – Great Britain

posted 16 Mar 2017, 06:31 by James Dorey


Key Stage Two are continuing with their Great Britain topic this half term. 

In Geography, they have been learning about the good old British Weather. Class 6 had lots of fun trying out some clothing for a range of different weather.

In Food Technology lessons, pupils have been exploring products made from milk, and expressing their preferences for different flavours and textures.

They have made milkshakes and angel delight, as well as tasting lots of different milk and milk-alternative products – yum!


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