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News from Nursery

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The Nursery children are already settling in well and joining in with a variety of activities. During our Community visit to Hylands Park Jordan, Paris and Paisley explored the different equipment working on their Physical. Communication and Social skills.

Pupils in Middle School are learning about 'Light' in Science this term

posted 1 Oct 2018, 05:56 by Web Admin

Pupils in Middle School are learning about 'Light' in Science this term, demonstrating good exploration skills by investigating light sources and then categorising objects using worksheets to record their findings.

School Campus Ducklings

posted 16 Mar 2018, 04:10 by Web Admin

Pupils from across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 have enjoyed meeting the ducklings this week, remembering to use their 'gentle hands' and finding out more about ducks, including watching them swim!

We hope to hatch another clutch of duck eggs later in the year.



posted 9 Mar 2018, 02:50 by Web Admin


Bobby and Ife have both only just started in the Nursery. They have both settled well and enjoying their sessions. Here Bobby is learning how to wash up as part of this term's topic work for 'Houses and Homes' and he is also giving good eye contact during Therapy Re-balance to request 'more' bubbles. 

Ife is already recognising her name and choosing it independently during Circle Time. She is also joining in with pretend play and independently feeding the doll an orange.

Welcome to the Nursery.

Panathlon 2018

posted 9 Mar 2018, 02:14 by Web Admin

On Thursday 22nd February thirteen FE students represented Columbus at the Panathlon. They participated in multiple events, competing against other Colleges.

Emel, Antony, Jamel and Toby took part in a round-robin New Age Curling event where they used skill and precision to score points on a target. All students worked very well together and played some amazing shots!

Jennifer, Freddie McConnell, Jack and James competed in the Polybat competition, where they used their agility and reflexes to return the ball and engage in a rally with a single opponent. The students put in an amazing amount of effort and held some really long rallies, scoring several points!

Gabriel, Austin, Joe T, Ethan and Steven participated in the Athletics multi-discipline event. The events asked them to jump high, long and quick and throw accurately onto a target and distance. All students worked tirelessly, encouraging each other and celebrating in each other’s attempts.

After, each team took part in a Boccia tournament, where students used their hand-eye co-ordination to try to get their ball closest to the ‘target ball’. All matches were very closely fought and our teams put in an amazing amount of effort, alongside some very skilful shots!

The final event of the day was a relay race, where each student did a lap of the circuit. Throughout the day all the students were a credit to Columbus, representing the College well and demonstrating the core values. However, it was in the relay races where this was the most apparent. All students showed great determination and perseverance, they encouraged each other and celebrated both wins and losses equally.

A very well done to all students who took part, Columbus came 3rd overall, and massive thank you to the team of staff who helped make this event the success that it was.


Happy Christmas from Class 12

posted 13 Dec 2017, 23:52 by Web Admin   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 23:54 ]

Christmas Time!


posted 22 Jun 2017, 04:24 by James Dorey

Many of the School Campus pupils had the opportunity to meet the ducklings last week and even watched them swim! The pupils worked on developing their personal and communication skills through learning to handle them gently and talk about what they could see. A great experience for all!


News from Class 2

posted 20 Jun 2017, 00:34 by James Dorey


Class 2 have had great fun exploring this Term's Topic, 'Out and About', and enjoyed creating beautiful nature collages. The children collected some natural materials, like grass, leaves and twigs, and then made their own collage pictures.

News from Reception

posted 16 Jun 2017, 06:03 by James Dorey


The topic this term is 'Out and About' and the Reception class went on the local bus. On the way they saw shops and a hospital. They enjoyed ringing the bell and looking out of the window.


News from Class 3

posted 16 Jun 2017, 05:58 by James Dorey


Class 3 have been enjoying and working very hard in their Music Therapy sessions this term; enhancing their listening, communication and fine motor skills!

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