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posted 9 May 2014, 00:31 by Google Google   [ updated 9 May 2014, 00:31 ]

Class 8 are settling into Key Stage 3 as they begin their ‘Chocolate’ topic. The class are learning through a range of activities such as making chocolate play-dough, scrunching wrappers for our chocolate wrapper collages and practicing our Maths skills at ‘Cookie Monster's Chocolate Shop’!

Jade tracked cookie monster as he sold her some chocolate, grasping and releasing her chocolate money to pay - with a bit of help!


James loves visiting ‘Cookie Monster's Chocolate Shop’, helping to count his chocolate bean money by pressing a step-by-step Big Mack to count to 4!

Leon shows off his choosing and counting skills at Cookie Monster's Chocolate Shop’. He independently chooses his book by eye-pointing, then counts out his chocolate bean money up to 5 - all while having a good giggle! Well done Leon!

Katy knows what she wants at the chocolate shop, communicating her choices to Willy "Caz" Wonka very clearly! Katy helps to measure and stir our wonderful chocolate play-dough. Aromatic and great for class 8's manipulation skills!


Ben focuses really well in our Disney-themed communication session, selecting the car from a choice of two objects to listen to some music from Pixar's 'Cars' and dance along!

All the class are enjoying exploring our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prop during story time. SO far, Zaid and Jade have been the lucky recipients of Class 8's Golden Tickets!