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FE Enterprise Group make boiled sweets for Easter

posted 27 Aug 2013, 08:11 by Web Admin   [ updated 27 Aug 2013, 08:11 ]

The Wednesday morning Enterprise group were given the opportunity to think of products to produce that could be sold for Easter.  

Students were encouraged to think creatively and generate ideas that could:

  • Be easily sourced - using current resources whenever possible and purchasing items from local shops.
  • Be produced and stored in time for Easter.
  • Be utilised afterwards in different ways if all items were not sold.
  • Be of interest to staff and students.
  • Be able to be bought on a small budget.
  • Required teamwork - ensuring all students could be involved
  • Required students to use their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. 

It was decided, after the success of the Halloween Trick or Treat sweet packs, to continue with the ‘sweet theme’ and produce little packs of boiled sweets – that would be prettily packaged and presented for sale.

Using florists’ cellophane, that had been bought previously for other projects, squares were cut and 5 sweets counted out and placed in the centre of each square.

At first the students found that the squares they were cutting were too small and that the finished item would not look so impressive, so larger pieces were cut.

Then using some cord and special Eater ribbon, each pack of sweets was created by tying the ribbon around the sweets, making a little pouch. 

At first the students found it difficult to cut the right length of ribbon, so they decided to use a ruler to measure the same size every time.  Unfortunately, the students’ struggled, a little, to understand the principle of placing the end of the ribbon on the ‘0’ and measuring to 8”.  With a little practice, in the end, the students learnt to reliably measure 8” of ribbon every time.

In the meantime, some students created labels on the computer, with various sayings in them like ‘Happy Easter' and 'Have a great time'.

Students also discussed the best way of advertising the sweets and decided to produce small information posters which would be produce on the computer and distributed to each classroom. 

Students had to practice their ’cutting and pasting’ skills when downloading photos to the computer – ensuring the text and photos were where they wanted them to be. 

The students were very proud of the products they produced.  Many of the students bought some themselves, but they also encouraged their peers and staff to buy the sweets, ensuring all the sweets sold out!