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From our New Mascot...

posted 9 May 2014, 04:04 by Google Google   [ updated 9 May 2014, 04:04 ]
Dear Parents and Carers,  


Welcome to April! I am Christopher the Columbus Carrot and I am writing the blog this month to introduce myself as the school's new addition to the team. 

I am starting my new job this week as the Columbus Mascot and I will be visiting everyone in the school to introduce myself. I will be helping to raise money for the school and you can help by taking a photo of yourself and posting it on Twitter or Facebook.  Please also share this with local companies and businesses you are involved with and ask them to take ‘selfies’ with their Christopher the Columbus Carrot and make a donation to Columbus.

My favourite number is 1492 - the year that Christopher Columbus, my namesake, made his first voyage to the Americas and the Caribbean. So use this number to help you to give as little or as much as you like! We are starting off with £1.49 (or £2 minimum on ‘Just Giving’) per photo but some of you might like to give £14.92, £149.20 or even £1492!! Of course, we will be grateful for any amount you can manage.

You can see in the photo above that I have already met with our Principal, Ginny Bellard and she is starting off the donations to the Columbus Fund. 

We are raising money for new therapy equipment to help the children to learn to communicate, walk and move more independently. We are also hoping to raise some money for new playground toys as well as raising funds to develop work experience opportunities for our older students.

So, get ready and take a ‘selfie’ with me, post it on Twitter and get donating.   If you’re not on Twitter, email the photo to us at and we will post it onto our Twitter account for you (@ColumbusSchool).

You can make a donation to the school via my ‘Just Giving’ website​.

Don't forget to take me on holiday with you next week! I love going out and about and we can share all our funny pictures and talk about them in assembly after the holidays! 

See you next term!

Love From,

Christopher xx