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From The Principal…

posted 14 Apr 2015, 07:47 by James Dorey   [ updated 14 Apr 2015, 07:49 ]

I write this month to wish you all a very happy start to the Summer Term!

This term will see the Class Teachers and Heads of Learning working very hard to complete the beautiful Annual Reports on all the experiences and achievements of the young people and I am very much looking forward to sharing these with you at the end of the academic year.

We will also be awarding our annual ‘Reg Richardson Award for Performing Arts’ to Georgia Petty for her enjoyment and love of being involved in anything artistic and in recognition of her working so hard to remain focussed on her learning.  Bobie Mason in Key Stage 4 will also be in receipt of this award. Her teachers report that she has become much more expressive this term – interacting with us more, showing enjoyment and engagement during lessons and being a positive role model for her peers.

The ‘The Mason Music Award’ goes to Tristyn Mackenzie in Key Stage 1 this year. Tristyn has multi-sensory impairments, but through her music therapy sessions she is able to engage with the world around her.  She has music therapy with the rest of her class and is able to engage and communicate with others in an activity that each person is able to share in their own way.  She indicates when she wants ‘more’ by lifting her leg or knee and she smiles to communicate her enjoyment or preference for instruments; feeling the vibrations and tactile properties of the instrument. Gemma Newman in the FE Department has also been given the ‘Mason Music Award’ in recognition of her achievements this year. Gemma uses her breathing as an instrument, and is able to communicate through this tool so well.  The Music Therapist follows the speed and pace of Gemma’s breathing, and over the last two years, Gemma has discovered for herself that she can hold her breath to manipulate the therapist’s playing, change the speed and volume and intensity of her breathing to manipulate how the therapist plays.  Gemma is playful, interactive, and very communicative using her breath, and she has really worked this out for herself.  She really is inspirational and an extremely able young lady when it comes to her interaction through music.  She also sings and occasionally uses her arms to play bells or wind chimes when she feels able to.

It gives me such pride to share these wonderful achievements with you all and to celebrate and reward these young people’s accomplishments in a special assembly which their families will attend to see them receive their plaque.  Congratulations to them all!

Other key events coming up include our annual Sports Day (Olympic Legacy Day) which takes place on 16th July and I hope that you will be able to join us in celebrating the achievements of the young people in the field of Physical Development.

Our Columbus “C Festival” Summer event run by the Friends of Columbus School and College to raise funds will take place on the College Campus on the Saturday 13th June from 2pm to 6pm. There will be various music and dance performances as well as refreshments and items made by the students for you to purchase.  More information to follow in due course.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported our Easter Raffle this year (a fun event put on by our dedicated HR Department). £155.28 was raised and many staff and students enjoyed receiving chocolates, a cuddly toy or sweeties!

The funds raised will go towards our ongoing fundraiser for therapy support and equipment. 

Ginny Bellard