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Message from The Principal 14/01/2013

posted 28 Aug 2013, 06:30 by Web Admin   [ updated 28 Aug 2013, 06:30 ]

It is with great pride that I begin 2013 as Principal for Columbus School and College. To have the opportunity to lead such a wonderful team and to serve such amazing children and young people is a true honour. For those of you who know me well and have worked with me at Columbus over the last 12 years, you will know how much the organisation and the collective team mean to me. I intend to continue to take great care to provide the highest quality education for our young people and to continue to enhance the range of services for families. I intend to strive for excellence in everything we do here at Columbus; ensuring that each individual truly receives the best and that our team is fully supported to provide this service.

As we all look forward to the beginning of a new year, we often seek to make change, to improve our lives in some way or to simply purge ourselves of the excesses of Christmas and the year we have just left behind. We might make promises to ourselves or perhaps even to our families to change in some way and become "better people". Such resolutions might often fall by the wayside and become quickly forgotten as Winter ends and the promises of Spring emerge. We might fail to plan fully and pace ourselves in order to reach our set goals.

I however, remain resolute that in my early days as Principal, Columbus will not face great changes.  There will be a time where we will offer new opportunities for staff to become involved in development initiatives and have a voice when it comes to planning and designing ways to improve the education and services we offer at Columbus. We will pace ourselves and plan, remind ourselves of our vision and values and assess our current position and capacity to improve.

Our collective values must continue to reflect the love and commitment we all share for our children and young people, for their education and indeed their families. We must always aspire to do the very best we can for them and to be the very best we can be for them.

We must stand together as a supportive, positive team, who collectively believe that we can achieve anything we need to achieve in order to provide the best for our students, helping and guiding each other as well as the young people.

In the weeks to come, I intend to steer the Columbus ship in a similar way as has always been, to seek to consolidate and improve what is already great about our organisation and then later on in the term, chart the new course in order to maximize our collective potential. Together we will charter new territories and plan improvements and initiatives to enhance the services and learning outcomes for children and young people who attend Columbus.

Nothing is ever "the finished article". There are always ways to improve and develop. Indeed learning and self development is a lifelong process and we must embrace this in order to offer the very best we can.

Together, in our new buildings we face the most exciting of challenges - the challenge to continue to strive for the best for our very special young people and their families, to enable them to be fully included in their local communities and to be innovative and creative in making the very best of Columbus and ourselves. I look foward to reporting on the new achievements of the students and the wider team as 2013 progresses.

Ginny Bellard, Principal